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Policy Station

Newly Updated IU Policies
The IU policies website keeps us abreast on current and new university-wide policies. We offer you a view into these policies with the hope that you will use it as a resource in decision making.


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Fiscal Checklist & Deadlines

Human Resources E-doc and Payroll Adjustment Voucher Deadlines

Campus Holiday


Background Check Charges

Effort Certifications for Fall FY2019
Effort Certifications 

Fall Periods

Fiscal Officers and Principal Investigators are requested to verify the ECD is a reasonable reflection of effort across all institutional activities. 

To locate the Effort Certification Documents, log into One.IU with DUO Token, then access your Action Item Listing application. 

Additional information can be found at: Guidance for Document Routing and Approval or tracking documents Searching for Effort Documents in KFS

Please note the approval deadline for the Fall Effort Certification Documents will be April 18, 2019 per I.U. policy; Effort Certification Under Uniform Guidance SPA-11-004 

Please contact Rayna Amerine if you need any assistance.


DUO Tokens
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KFS Financials
Attendees must have both IUIE and KFS and access to participate in this training. There may be pre-requisites. Questions? Contact FMS Training
Classes being offered:

Payroll Essentials
Payroll Essentials is a prerequisite for Human Resource Management System (HRMS) voucher access. The training takes approximately 6 hours to complete.
New departmental payroll processors may access the course by enrolling in IU Expand.
University Finance Fundamentals (UFF)
University Finance Fundamentals (UFF) is a ten-month a la cart training series designed for all employees with accounting and finance responsibilities – including support staff.
Upcoming sessions in April and May 2019:

Capital Assets
Financial Systems Administration
Office of the Treasurer
All full time employees involved in revenue processing or with access to University banking/payment card systems must attend a Face to Face Revenue Training every two years.
For questions, please contact Melissa Hartley, or call 812-855-2930. See Treasury Operations Training page for other useful information.
Face to Face Revenue Training - A new Bloomington training session for the face to face Revenue Processing Training has been added. This training is REQUIRED for full-time staff that handle, process, reconcile revenue, have access to banking systems, AND/OR Supervise those that do any of these tasks. If you have ANY staff that are DUE for training, please forward this information to them and ask them to sign up! 

Thursday May 16th from 10am-12noon
Dogwood Room, IMU

Staff should sign up here.

To see whether or not you need training, the Revenue Training Log can be accessed here.
If someone took training on Spring 2017 or PRIOR, they are DUE for training again.
Spring 2019 Auxiliary Forum
The Auxiliary Forum is brought to you by Auxiliary Accounting.
IU Bloomington Forum:

Wednesday, May 1st, IMU – Dogwood Room
10:00am – 12:00pm

Contact for questions.
Third Party Contracts (TPC) in SIS
Third Party Contracts (TP) allow organizations, agencies and internal IU departments to apply credits to the student accounts to pay specific costs for students. TPC training is offered online.
On the TPC in SIS online tutorial you will learn how to:
- locate the IU Department TPC Request page
- link a student to a Third Party Contract
- increse or decrease an award
- cancel a student from a Third Party Contract 

Contact SIS for questions.
Fee Remission Third Party Contract (TPC)
See Third Party Contract in SIS.
Questions? Please send an email to
TPC training is now available online. 
Bloomington Organizational Development Classes
Training and Organization Development provides consultation and professional coaching to IU campuses across the state. We also provide learning opportunities through seminars and workshops. Contact Wendy Cornwell or call 855-9674.
Current training programs:

HR training portal
 (view, register, or cancel classes)
Legal Compliance Series for Supervisors

And much more.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
FERPA is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of education records.
For training contact the Office of the Registrar at / 812-855-9349.
Take the Staff and Faculty FERPA tutorial here.

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